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: Carole

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 About Division 85
    The Tri-Valley Division of CalRTA was formed in 1990 and we now have 400 members! Most of us live or worked in Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore areas.

About CalRTA
    The California Retired Teachers Association  has over 50,000 members.  With grassroots participation at each division level, as well as legislative advocacy in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., we are the dominant force in protecting and enhancing the benefits of retired educators.
    For more information about our advocacy for retired teachers and public education, click on the links to CalRTA and Area 4 at the top left corner.

Division 85 Activities
    We are committed to both future and current teachers. Each year we award scholarships to those studying to become teachers. This year we granted six $1500 scholarships to high school seniors and  college students pursuing teaching careers. Select the May-June Newsletter link in the lower left for more about these future teachers.
     After receiving 155 application the decisions were finally made for the 2010  Teachers' Stipend recipients. The following teachers will be receiving stipends to be spent in the fields of math, literature, science, PE, and art.  It was difficult for the seven committee members to choose.  This year's winners were: Janet Baccus, Lincoln Losen, Elise Allen, and Lucille Holloway from Livermore; Karen Conrad from Dublin; and Michelle O'Connor and the second grade team, Janet Dobbs, Tracy Zuehlsdorf, Beth Cutter, and JoAnne Gross, from Pleasanton.

    We enjoy retirement!  Locally, we have events such  as  luncheon  meetings, special projects, and we encourage our members to take advantage of senior rush prices at the American Conservatory Theater.  We provide many opportunities for fellowship and fun.
    An excellent source for information about who we are and what we do at the division level is our newsletters. These are mailed to our members and posted on our web site. The links appear in the left column. 

Becoming a Member
    CalRTA membership is not restricted to retired educators. If you are currently an educator or are just interested  in supporting CalRTA, you are welcome to attend  a  luncheon meeting  and  become a  member! 

We Did It Again
    Our Division selected fifteen well deserving teachers for a $ 150 stipend each.  There were a 153 entries from four school districts and it was not easy to narrow it down to 15 recipients, when so many appeared so “needy”.  
Dublin USD recipients:  Kate Deloache (Resource), Shaun Martins (Anatomy), Lu Middleton (Spec.Ed), Jonathan Ulrich (Music).
Livermore VJUSD recipients:  Karen Shepard (Math), K. Barcelona/P. Baker (SDC), Janet Baccus (Phys. Ed), Katelyn Medina (Spec.Ed/Science), Ann Brown (Life/Science).
Pleasanton USD recipients:  Tony Battilega et al (Phys. Ed),  Emely Correia (SDC), Carol Kato (Science lab), Renee Ogle (Biology), Abbie Rockwell (Music).
LVCS recipient:  Lindsay Milligan (metric Science).
A successful year to all.
Special thanks to readers Jim Nash, Lorraine Fong, Nelson Fong, and Pam Graham.  You were greatly appreciated.                                                                   Gudrun Faber

2015 Student Scholarships
    This is the link that will download the 2015 application for the Tri-Valley Retired Educator's Scholarship Award.

CalPERS Long Term Care Information

Long Term Care Action

Assembly Committee on Aging and Long Term Care


Division 85 Co-Presidents
Jean Runge & Carole Woodson

Bi-Monthly Membership Meetings
    Division 85 meetings are held on the third Tuesday of odd numbered months at the I.B.E.W. Hall, 6250 Village Parkway, Dublin. A local caterer provides a four course lunch. The next meeting will be March 17. Please click on the latest Newsletter button for the reservation form, program, and meeting information. We welcome all current and prospective members!
 Division 85 Board Meetings
    The Division 85 Board meets on the first Tuesday of odd numbered months from 10 a.m. until noon at the IBEW Hall, 6250 Village Parkway in Dublin. All members are invited to attend.

 Officers and Committee Chairs
Co-presidentsJean Runge & Carole Woodson
Past President:Les Leibovitch
President Elect: Bill Britton
SecretarySheila Cooper
TreasurerNancy Bordes
Day of the TeacherAnn Britton
HistorianCheree Heathershaw
InsuranceLes Leibovitch
LegislationLes Leibovitch
MembershipSheila Cooper
Joanna Larson
Newsletter EditorNile Runge
ProgramChuck Hazen
CommunicationsCathe Norman
Scholarship FoundationBill Cosby, Doris Battin, Olive Greene, & Faye Younker
Teacher StipendsGudrun Faber

Reports and articles by these officers and committee chairs appear in the division  newsletter - Second Recess. Also, use the Photos link on the left column to see large  images of many of our hard working leaders.

  Social Security Fairness   
    This group is dedicated to informing the public about  the  WEP and GPO provisions of Social Security that adversely affect the incomes of thousands of retired educators and public workers in 14 states including California. Social Security Fairness, CalRTA, and other public interest associations have formed a hard working coalition to get Congress to pass legislation that will eliminate these unfair penalties. For more information and a current update click on this link:

Personal Interest Surfing
    If you have some spare time, you may want to visit the Leisure Pursuits links on the left.  In particular the Daily News link provides an excellent set of local, state, national, and international links for staying current on news topics and events.
Teacher Stipend Recipients
    You will find a list of this years' winners by clicking here.

CalSTRS 100 Year History Video

CalRTA's Core Purpose: To Enhance and Protect the Benefits of Retired Educators.